Qinghai Lake Pharmaceutical Co.,ltd was founded in 1987,the company is one of the three national fixed-point production enterprise of the ephedrine.The total assets of company reached 298 million RMB. There are over 300 existing staffs and the R&D team riches in technical talents, including 50 professional employees and 10 of them with PHD degree.       

The company has established 70 thousand acres of licorice planting base in Qinghai,Gansu and Xinjiang,with the annual production of 3,000 tons of licorice extract powder and licorice extract block.The company also invested 5 million U.S.dollars in Afghanistan through the construction of the Glycyrrhizic Acid production line in 2014,which has the annual output of 2,000T.It is able to guarantee the supply of raw materials for QHL Pharmaceuticals.

QHL Pharmaceutical Co.,ltd will always be committed to the corporate team spirit,based on characteristic resource  allocation,continuously develop green and diversified products,and further develop the emerging industry market.At the same time ,relying on the biological industrial park,we will put the main business bigger and stronger,building a bio-pharmaceutical  industry cluster in western China and making great contributions to the development of local economy.





Qinghai Lake Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

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